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Save 1/2 or more of usual commissions

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Post your terms for agents, buyers, and renters, and act upon or waitlist their interest.

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Represent yourself as owner, or have your agent do so.

All real estate sells or rents eventually, in a planned or unplanned manner.  SellersTime’s unique combination of features enables owners or their agents to always and inexpensively be collecting interest in their property.  Further, a premium ‘Anytime Price’ for a motivated buyer and also a commission cap for interested agents may be posted on the property page.  Our service maximizes options and preparedness for owners, who will determine to what extent the usual end of ownership  FSBO and Agent roles may dovetail with their SellersTime outcome.


Register now and for 45 days free, including free printable window signs, begin realizing many benefits of this long term low key approach, whatever your property goals may be, including simply being more prepared for change.

Upload photos, enter your choice of property details, print and affix your selection of free window signage and you are all set.  All free for 45 days and then as little as $3.99 monthly.  Take the leisurely and economical approach to gathering interest in your property.  Use time as your friend.

See our Easy Property Photography page for tips on taking property photos with your smartphone. 

Owners determine how and when to act upon expressed interest in their property, including what professional services are prudent or required to undertake any or all aspects of a real estate sale or rental. Lawyers, real estate agents, and state, provincial, or local  governments should be able to assist owners in this regard.   

Use SellersFound.com to ask owners of unlisted properties if they are interested in selling.

Owner Benefits

  • ‘Anytime Pricing’ field in addition to an anticipated sale price field.  Stay visible for a motivated buyer willing to pay your premium.


  • Establishment of a property interest waitlist, supporting both immediate decisions and longer term planning.


  • Waitlisting agents accepting your posted commission limit.


  • Your pace and your terms.


  • Always free selection of printable window signs 
  • Register to create your property page, free for 45 days
  • Shop unlisted properties with affiliated SellersFound.com

Our services are inexpensive, and pay as you go, with nothing owed from your property sale or rental.

Homeowners live in their property an average of 10 years before a short listing period with high fees to sell or rent, followed by a hectic move into their new home.  Use SellersTime.com to change that.

Use our affiliated SellersFound.com to ask owners of unlisted properties about selling interest, for as low as $16 per  inquiry.


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