Buyer's benefits of SellersTime.com include:

  1. Knowing far in advance when a property of interest may be available for sale.
  2. Extended property transition planning time for posted future sales.
  3. Ease of waitlisting for your property of interest.


  4. Availability of ‘Anytime Priced’ properties and properties actively listed for sale now and not a future period. 
  5. Increased opportunity to deal directly with the owner.


  6. Innovative and low cost SellersTime features may lead to previously dormant properties becoming available for purchase.
  7. When combined with the affiliated SellersFound.com service, access to most or all properties not listed for active sale may be possible. 

At SellersTime.com, owners or their representatives establish their internet property page and use associated signs, including free downloadable window signs, for some or all of their period of property ownership to:

  • Collect inquiries regarding their real estate, for immediate action or waitlisting.
  • Indicate an ‘Anytime Price’ at which they would consider a purchase offer now. 
  • Post a maximum acceptable % commission for any sales or rental agent.

An affiliated service, SellersFound.com can be used to ask owners of unlisted properties if they are interested in selling.

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