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Easy Property Photography

The linked articles below provide tips on how to use your smartphone to take effective photos for your property page.

Article 1:  Practical easy to follow advice on getting good real estate photos with your smartphone. 

Article 2: A more detailed article that includes discussion on the use of a mini-tripod and a real estate photo app for smartphones.

Further to the article content about managing exposure for interior photos, most smartphones have an HDR (high dynamic range) feature that enables both interior lit spaces and windows in the same image to be properly exposed.  Be sure the HDR setting is turned on if it is not automatically so.  Use your smartphone’s photo editing to darken the highlights and brighten the shadows to further balance the image lighting.  Also try increasing the exposure with the exposure editing tool to enhance the overall brightness.  And, if you wish, use the saturation tool to make the colors pop a little, but be careful not to overdo it.

If pressed for time, just start with one or more exterior photos and as your schedule permits, add interior photos.  Because SellersTime is designed for long term property pages, many owners will have opportunity to refresh or add to their property photos with different seasons or weather for exterior photos and for interior and exterior, different angles, colors and item arrangments.

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