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Download the signs pdf file represented in the signs overview image to print your SellersTime.com window sign and whichever of the supplementary signs best suit your goals.  Persons viewing your signage can use your street address to geolocate your property page on $ellersTime.com.

Build a larger sign using a ’tile’ print tool. Commercial outlets such as STAPLES can also provide custom print sizes when provided the digital file, if your home based printing options do not meet your needs.

overview image: click on above image to download pdf file of all signs

Outdoor Sign

Also available here in the SellersFound store for $23 USD each including tax and shipping are double sided outdoor vinyl signs including an H stake.  Use the included velcro tabs or grommets for hanging, or the H stake for yard use or to insert into a base such as a wooden block or fence with pre-drilled holes.  For USA and other international customers, the value of the sign alone will be stated as $10 USD for customs purposes, and with the H stake, will be $11 USD.  Any duties owed will be the responsibility of the recipient.  The vinyl sign without the metal H stake is less likely to attract import duties, and can be purchased here for $22 USD including tax and shipping.

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