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SellersTime Features and Time are Your Advantage

SellersTime Features and
 Time are Your Advantage

Unique SellersTime.com service features:

Property Page Fields:

  1. ‘Anytime Price’ field in addition to two primary price fields:  The price for which you would sell now, even if planning to sell later.  You may also use the two main price fields to advertise this price and purpose at the top of your property listing if you wish to.  All prices are optional.  Maintaining an Anytime Price will avoid missing a windfall from a motivated buyer.  Experiment with different pricing arrangements, include both an Anytime Price, an anticipated sale price when a planned sale period arrives, and if a short stay rental  property, advertise your nightly rate and booking link also.


  2. ‘Sale Fee % Cap’ and ‘Rental Mgr. Fee % Cap’ fields: Tell potential representatives what you are willing to pay them, rounded to the nearest %.  Use the property description field to explain if this is for long term representation on SellersTime, or for a usual end-of-ownership sale, or both.  The cost of many homes have tripled relative to wages while most commission based sales fees have remained unchanged.


  3. ‘Planned Sale Timing’ and ‘Rental Availability’ fields:  Whether now or years into the future, this is when you plan to sell or rent. ‘Unknown’ is a field option.  You may also place your property in the ‘Sale or Rent (undecided)’ category indicating you are undecided but collecting interest for both to improve your later choice.  

Versatile and Free Signage:

Download the signs pdf file from here to print your SellersTime.com window sign and whichever of the supplementary signs best suit your goals.  Persons viewing your signage can use your street address to geolocate your property page on $ellersTime.com.


Available for purchase at  this page is a double sided outdoor sign with various means of display.

Register nowfor your property profile page, free for 45 days, and then as low as $3.99 USD per month. Capture opportunities others miss, from people who: 

  1. Will pay your ‘Anytime Price’. 
  2. Will wait to be notified when you decide to finalize sale or rental.
  3. Need an extended time for property transition planning. 
  4. Don’t monitor sales/rental listings but will eventually notice a sign on a house they like.
  5. Need time to prepare to compete with a corporate or other cash offer.
  6. Prefer to deal directly with the owner. 
  7. Will represent your property for your posted rates,  and welcome and share any waitlist related savings with you.

Start from day one of ownership with a SellersTime property page and sign placement to maximize benefits. 

Owners determine how and when to act upon expressed interest in their property, including what professional services are prudent or required to undertake any or all aspects of a real estate sale or rental.  Lawyers, licensed real estate agents, and state, provincial, or local governments should be able to assist owners in this regard.     

Property page photos may be sourced from your property purchase, taken by yourself, or provided by professional photographers in your area.

Search here for SellersTime properties.   Be among the first to take advantage of the 45 day free listing and begin improving your real estate outcomes.

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